Distribution of new threats

Have you ever wondered what type of malware is more predominant in the wild then others and which ones are going extinct?

I thought I would shed some light on this subject since I have been getting quite a few questions lately.

It seems in the last year that several categories of malware seem to be on the verge of extinction, while others are on the rise.

Trojans make up for more then 80% of what PandaLabs detected this quarter. Mainly due to the change in behavior oriented towards carrying out ‘silent’ attacks to gain profit.


Another interesting point is the commercialization of Malware to be sold through the Internet and to other hackers. Today one can rent DDoS services at a price of $10 – $20 per hour.

Pretty astonishing isn’t it? This makes it easy for anyone to commit financial fraud on the basis of malware for sale.

With all of this taken into consideration and seen with the company mentioned in the post – “Hype or the Matrix Reloaded: Perception vs. Reality”; users are continuing to get infected with hidden undetected threats. Until next time, Panda Security USA logging out.



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