Click-Fraud: The lesser known evil

I came across this interesting article that talks about a Trojan; not any Trojan but a  Trojan that automates PPC click-fraud that is currently targeting Google and Yahoo (

What’s interesting about click-fraud is the little amount of attention that it receives in the media in comparison to Identity Theft and the other horrors of the Internet. In fact you are more likely to see news on the latest and greatest zombie-bot net then click-fraud.

However; many companies who have paid good money for Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are falling victim to false impressions due to the rising click-fraud movement in America.

According to Click Forensics the annual click-fraud rate has grown by 28.3%; that’s nearly a quarter of all on-line advertising

For the worst part bot-nets are being used to automate PPC clicks in order to ensure that the activity looks authentic.

So this leaves us with one question, is your PC part of a click-net.

2 Responses to Click-Fraud: The lesser known evil

  1. Peter Vogt says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Saw your blog. Last time we spoke I was trying to get you to join the New York Chapter of the ISSA…I’ve been a member of that chapter for many years and their sponsorship director in the past. In any case, I am the Director of Consulting Services at Click Forensics: As the problem of Click Fraud worsens, please consider me a resource for any questions you may have. Click Forensics is the leading expert in Click Fraud and Traffic Quality “Forensic Analysis.”

    Best regards,
    Peter Vogt

  2. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

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