Application Scam Sites

Recently Panda Security was notified regarding an on-line scam currently in production claiming to offer Panda Security, McAfee, Symantec and Adobe products in addition to a product known as error mechanic. 


The site and the following associated domains are part of this scam:

Some words of caution: This site and the domains are not supported or in anyways affiliated with Panda Security and may contain hidden infections, therefore; we strongly advise to refrain from visiting any of these domains.

Fortunely our testing indicates that the potential malware reported to reside on these pages has been removed, thus, it is still recommended to perform a scan at to be 100% you are not infected.

Furthermore; when making software purchases it is advisable to purchase from the recognized vendor’s web-site or from an authorized partner. Otherewise you may become a victim of ID Theft.

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