Security Shouldn’t take a Backseat to Virtualization

I will be presenting on the subject of why security shouldn’t take a back seat to virtualization on April 30th at the Wall Street Technology Association. This event is located at the Raddision Martinique in New York City.


Security Shouldn’t Take a Backseat to Virtualization
Ryan Sherstobitoff, Chief Corporate Evangelist

Companies are widely adopting server virtualization in an effort to improve operational efficiency and increase cost savings. While transitioning to this standardization across multiple platforms, security measures can oftentimes take a backseat, putting company assets at risk.

Cyber crime is at its highest level to date and industry experts estimate that 4,000 new malware strains surface on a daily basis. Hackers have become clever in creating root-kits that subvert the host operating system, and attacking all endpoints of the network. Better security controls need to be taken into consideration when deploying end-point protection for virtualized resources.


This presentation will educate attendees on:


· How to assess inadequacies when conducting security audits and if assets are already being compromised with undetected malware


· How to prevent the occurrence of malware infections on virtualized networks


· How to evolve security best practices to include better assessment methodologies that take into consideration crimeware innovations and locate unnoticed infection points

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  1. Nice info, added to favourites.

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