Attack of the greeting card malware

This morning another spam run was detected containing a link to a fake e-greeting card. While the use of the social vector of greeting cards is not a new thing, spam attacks using malcode is on the rise and in the last two weeks a number of new spam runs were detected (CNN spam, Fake IE 7.0, etc).

The latest contains a Trojan in the form of a greeting card.

File size: 304128 bytes
MD5…: ffddb929536b28128e5b6ebdeb83c199
SHA1..: 7431aeadbef92cc8906ea33af3acbd5189b7ff9a
SHA256: 707c4d11d307fca514cc814d50096e22fc6944567c70359cc6b2c44cde766c9a
SHA512: db348242eafb55eded15538dd0b896c1aef73e5b2d874fe8f9a2a830a9cfa084

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