Fake Anti-Virus Spam

This morning we detected another malspam campaign this time focusing on delivering the rouge anti-virus application XP AntiVirus 2008. This particular application has been used numerous times before as the malspam payload to infect users and has been seen in some of the CNN alerts, MSNBC, IE 7.0 attack, etc. The idea here is to trick users into executing the setup application that when subsequently installed will prompt the user with popups informing them they need to upgrade to the professional version by providing fake information concerning threats found.

File size: 187904 bytes
MD5…: 1b5d201be2f98b55b160e53ffc25f984
SHA1..: 1cd25f2906147536ab2901f20c85cfea25b67c0d
SHA256: af881a4dabb768d42ce40e44aa4903c25d3b9bc2d548fcb81f3ef225ee962a01
SHA512: a7c9497584017b5219d23fab7e6aebf99229c4f3a678a865647280afdcab94d5

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