Celebrity Spam out of control

We have been tracking a number of spam messages over the last couple of days pertaining to celebrities involved in a number of odd and unexplained activities. The binary file being delivered in this latest spam run involving Paris Hilton is stream.exe which is meant to lure a user into executing the file hidden behind the link, thus, the user thinking he/she will be viewing a video is actually getting a Trojan. Stream.exe is identified as a varient of Trj/Exchanger:

File size: 78848 bytes
MD5…: a3aec9130af6f69c715dc6eb89949079
SHA1..: 57049307751ccdd5c870195ed2ae9f6efd0423ba
SHA256: 686ef0819874b2ecacab497e2c818e0e801fc42a920068a33e415dd1801a0c3f
SHA512: be98df1cea7a840b3bc46e3512ceeea5ad94b9af8b04ccf1ecf54de41b0036f4

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