Fake Nero Anti-Virus Pro 2009 (AV XP 2008)

This morning we detected another spam campaign with the aim of enticing users into downloading and executing a file they believe is a 6 month trial of a product called “Anti-Virus Nero Advanced Pro 2009“. When analyzed further the file is actually a variation of the rouge antivirus application known as AV XP 2008 which has been seen in earlier attacks this month.

When we look at this further it appears the same group behind the attacks that delivered the fake CNN Alerts and MSNBC alerts could have also been behind this latest round as well. Over the last couple of weeks a large number of emails have been sent that in some degree installed the AV XP 2008 (i.e. fake I.E Update, some of the CNN alerts, celebrity videos).

File size: 194560 bytes
MD5…: 7d9aabd47d2e6253dda74bcb46782007
SHA1..: c1914bf80e9fcff154672254f5c1ca3ce116f869
SHA256: b7bfa0f8e1932f83a746d0f7db131460ccd92b8a0c248d8d3bc0894bf015c39d
SHA512: e802598191365c28be0f94e2aff2cae2e715cd372f8b057115af630240286c08

2 Responses to Fake Nero Anti-Virus Pro 2009 (AV XP 2008)

  1. lauyee says:

    Now that I know what’s haunting my computer may I also know how to remove them safely?

  2. The AV XP 2008 should be able to be removed from the online scanner at http://www.infectedornot.com which contains the latest signature for this threat.

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