PandaLabs Q2 Figures

July 7, 2008

Today we published our Q2 figures covering the most relevant trends in the malware landscape. Some of the key points from this Q2 report includes:

  • Distribution of Banker Trojan families by prevalence in the market.
  • Distribution of Active malware by country (this entails PCs with active malware running in memory).
  • Spam levels fluctuated between 60% to 94% of all email on the Internet

Banker Trojans continue to be a prominent factor when taking into consideration Identity Theft. As covered in the report Banker Trojans experienced a 400% increase as opposed to other years which were significantly less. In addition Russian Banker Trojans remain strong in terms of the overall distribution by family.

In the first half of Q2 2008 we saw an emergence of SQL Injection attacks being used to conduct mass hacking campaigns in order to distribute as much malware as possible. In conclusion cyber-crime only continues to evolve and should not be ignored when implementing security at your organization. The report can be found here: